First Baptist Church New Orleans, LA

Posted on: August 11, 2011 | Posted in: News

Steeple Light

Rex A. Hymel Co., Inc. removed four HID fixtues from the steeple structure and installed four custom fabricated galvanized hinged fixture arms for the new fixtures. We then installed four new Lithonia TU10000M GPZTB AN with lamps onto the arms and remote mounted ballast.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control Systems are convenient ways to manage and operate your interior and exterior lighting.

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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems allow your facility to maintain lighting in the event of a power loss.

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Intelligent Lighting Systems

Intelligent Lighting Systems efficiently and automatically operate your facility based on your specific needs.

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Lighting Accessories

Rex A. Hymel Co., Inc. is an authorized sales and servicing partner for most major lighting brands.

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